We understand the importance that sound, lighting, and video can have in a church service. Churches of all sizes and denominations are incorporating newer technologies to enhance the impact in their worship services. Let us help design the ideal system for your worship setting while staying within your budgetary requirements.

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Because louder is not necessarily better. And softer is not always the solution.

We know it’s a hot topic that is heavily debated in churches.  However, it is possible to achieve great sound at a comfortable volume, and we want to help you find it.  We can design a system that not only includes the right equipment but also the right sound treatment for your room.  

Most churches were not designed and built with acoustics in mind, so we can evaluate what you have and create a solution to give you great sound that will help enhance the worship experience.


Churches have come a long way from overhead projectors and printing song lyrics in the weekly bulletin. Lighting can help create an atmosphere that is inviting and engaging.

Custom Lighting Design

Whether your budget is for a little soft mood lighting or you’re looking for a rock concert, we can help. We work with some of the nation’s leading lighting manufacturers to design and execute beautiful lighting systems that fit your worship style and budget.

Projector Installation

We can help you choose the right projector and screen for your needs.  Whether you are looking for rear projection, or need something hung from the middle of the room, give us a call.  We install wall mounted screens as well as automated screens of all sizes.