We live in a world constantly filled with images and sound. Your business is probably no different. Our culture demands high-quality and we want to provide your business with an audio/video system that sets you apart.

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In a world that is visually driven, we can bring the latest video technology to your business. Connect with employees, customers, and colleagues like never before.

If you own a business, you know that meetings are inevitable. You need a state of the art room to meet with clients, employees, and vendors. You can have a place to bring clients and show them your newest products and strategies on a large screen, setting you apart from your competition. You can also “meet” with colleagues that may be hundreds of miles away through a well-designed video conferencing system. Whether you’re looking for a great projector system to display presentations or you need a video conferencing system that delivers high quality video and audio, we can design the right system for you. Let us take your boardroom to the next level.



We will securely affix your flatscreen to the wall or suspended from the ceiling, whatever your job requires.

Flatscreen Installation

When you need a flat screen TV installed, we can hang it neatly with a full-motion mount or with our no-gap razor mount. We take great pride in our clean installation and promise no visible wires and a level picture.

Background Music

We provide custom mounts to hang TVs vertically if needed for digital signage. We have installed custom “menu boards” that can easily be updated and modified.


Outfit your business with quality sound solutions provided by LS3.

In-Wall Speakers

We can flush speakers into a ceiling or wall offering a low visual impact while providing high quality sound to set your mood.


We proudly offer some of the industry’s top rated products for audio systems. We can design a great sounding audio system for retail stores, outdoor shopping centers, and business offices with some of the best consumer rated products.

“We’ve worked with LS3 on all 3 of our restaurant locations. They’ve installed everything from audio, TV’s, and they even installed an alarm in our refrigerator to alert me when the temperature is not where it needs to be. These guys have helped us design just the right system for each of our 3 different locations. They always do a great job and they’ll always be the first call I make when I need anything security or sound related.”
Craig Bingham, Owner Blue Sky Restaurants | Lubbock & Abilene, TX