Why go to the cinema when you can experience high quality HD picture and sound from the comfort of your own home? We specialize in distributive audio, projector and TV mounting and installation, along with our excellent service.

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If you’re looking for a multi-room audio system for your home, we want to design the perfect system for you.

We offer in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, invisible wall speakers, outdoor/patio speakers, and other outdoor speaker options (rocks, underground, etc.).  We offer products from companies like Sonos and Squeezebox to manage your music platforms and pipe the audio throughout your home.


Wouldn’t it be nice to turn your alarm on and off from your phone? Or to adjust your thermostat on your way home from work? Now you can.

Home Automated Thermostat Control

You can set up a schedule for your thermostat as well as control it without a schedule.  We can also set up your thermostat to correspond with your alarm panel and adjust the temperature when you are home and when you leave.

Sonos- a Musical Revolution

You can have access to your musical library and your favorite streaming services in one place. Control separate rooms at the same time, or group them all together to provide the same music throughout the house. You can also control volume room-by-room. Let us install a Sonos system for you today!

“We travel quite a bit, so it is nice to know that I can pull up our surveillance cameras at any time and see what’s going on at the house.”
“After my electric bill was over $400 I knew I had to do something about my old thermostat. Now I can monitor the temperature from my phone and even set it up on a schedule whether I’m at home or not.”
Heath Watts, LS3 Customer


Chances are you’ve had a door-to-door salesman stop by and pitch a generic alarm system to you. The problem with these companies is that every home is different and a one-size-fits-all system is not practical. We offer security systems uniquely designed for your home and your peace of mind. We also provide the alarm monitoring and our local customer service with quick response. You won’t find that with the big national chains.


Entertainment for the Whole Family.

Custom Theater Design

We’ve designed home theaters for big and small budgets alike. We can provide state of the art surround sound, speakers hidden behind the screen, automated or fixed screens, HD projectors, and even motorized curtains. And it can all turn on with the touch of a single button. Let us design a theater for your family.


Projector images don’t have to look dim and dingy. Let us provide the right projector for your room and hide the wires while we mount it.