Intrusion alarm systems have come a viagra sans ordonnance long way in the past few years.  Not only can they provide peace of mind to home and business owners, the right system can also le tadalafil cialis make

your life simpler.  A smart alarm system provides many features and benefits to our customers,

but here are just a few you may not be aware of.


  1. A smart alarm keeps levitra to buy uk your family safe from more than intruders.

Did you know that you can integrate your

thermostat and smoke detectors into a smart alarm system?  The benefit of this doesn’t seem important unless your family is in a dangerous situation, and then it could possibly save a life.  When your smoke detector goes off, your system can be programmed to instantly shut off the thermostat.  If there is a fire in your home, shutting off the thermostat shuts off the extra oxygen flow through the house which feeds the fire.  Through simple programming, your smart intrusion alarm can now make a huge difference in buying

your family more time to evacuate in the case of a fire.


  1. A smart alarm offers fewer “false alarms.”


We’ve all done it.  You’ve gotten up in the middle of the night to let the dog out, and you forgot to turn the alarm off.  Or maybe your teenager is home alone and accidentally sets the alarm system off.  With a smart alarm, you will receive notifications however you choose (call, text, email) that your alarm system has been triggered.  If you receive these alerts and you know it’s a

false alarm, you can immediately call and cancel the police dispatch.  In many cases, police departments charge a $50 fee for responding to false alarms.  Save yourself the headache and the money, and install a smart alarm system.


  1.   A smart alarm lets you schedule alarm settings

No more worrying if you’ve forgotten to set

the alarm.  You can access your alarm panel from your phone, or even better, you can set up a schedule for your intrusion alarm system.  If you always forget to set it before going to bed, you can set up a schedule to have it automatically

set at a certain time or after a certain amount of time with no sensor signals.  If you allow access to your home or business to certain people (maintenance crew, janitorial service, etc.) at times that no one else is in the building, you can set a schedule of when they are allowed and not allowed to

enter, by simply setting a schedule for their specific alarm code.  
The possibilities with a smart alarm system are seemingly endless.  Let your intrusion alarm provide more than just a sense of safety.  Let us install and program a system for you that provides ease and convenience as well as peace of mind.