Last night I

sat down and happened to turn on the local evening news.  The top story was about a bank robbery and the news anchor was asking the public to help identify the thief.  The screen was filled with a grainy, pixelated mess of a picture.  There was a human in the photo, wearing some clothes, and that was about the extent of the details gathered from this image.  It amazed me that in this day and age, when anyone with a cell phone can capture a decent quality video, that banks and other businesses vulnerable to theft (both external and internal) have such poor, outdated surveillance systems.

The usual complaint is that systems are too costly

and the one that was purchased in 1994 works “just

fine.”  Tell that to the poor police detective assigned to the case, desperately trying to make out any clues from this type of useless footage.  Technology has come so far and most business owners would be surprised at the affordability of a quality video surveillance acheter viagra system.

We’ve installed numerous surveillance systems and peut on faire confiance a cialis generique our customers are always prices levitra so impressed with the video quality and ease of use.  Just last month, we had a customer with a relatively new system he just had installed in a new location of his t-shirt business.  A crook decided viagra non generique to break in one night only to quickly realize he was being taped.  Our customer instantly received an alert on his phone, pulled up the footage, and had a crystal clear image of the thief, RIGHT ON HIS CELL PHONE!  The thief ripped the camera off the wall (thinking he would make a clean getaway) and cialis hydrocodone took off.


Our customer filed a police report and with the help of his perfectly clear image, the criminal was quickly identified.  The police used his clearly visible tattoos and other markings to identify him

and he was found and arrested two days vente viagra france hollande later.  And our client got his camera back!


I remember this

story, remember seeing the perfect image of the thug who viagra sans ordonnance broke into our client’s business, comprar viagra en mexico and wonder why on earth every single business would not invest in a quality surveillance system.  No one is immune to theft.  You never know when a criminal is going to target your business, so why not be prepared with an affordable, high quality system that could save you thousands in the long run!

For a quote on a custom designed surveillance system for your business cialis generique or home, give us

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